Cadillac has a history of being a bit of a "badass" car. Bad Boys drove Cadillacs. It was the car of organised crime. Some love to take the old "Caddies" and slam them. Will there be an element to the new Cadillac that retains that rebellious, irreverent tone? Maybe even celebrate it? I would think that a move to New… » 2/23/15 12:22pm 2/23/15 12:22pm

It's obvious from the video that both the throttle blip and fishtail are caused by loss of traction when Kevin Ward's body spins under the the right rear tire. This also implies that Stewart isn't to blame, but that Ward tried to lunge at him between the massive tires of a sprint car. Honestly, from the video, the… » 8/10/14 11:03am 8/10/14 11:03am

I have been saying for years, let F1 have all the engine technology it wants, but no driving aids and no downforce. Make the "Pinnacle of motor racing" be the pinnacle of motor racing. It should not be DECADES between decent on track battles. Follow MotoGP's lead. Marques has won every race this year, but there has… » 7/08/14 10:47am 7/08/14 10:47am

I don't know what the Pro-Forza folks are looking at. I was expecting it to look better since they touted their lazer scanning so much, but it looks FAR worse than the GT6 version. The tar strips, road side detail, curbing, etc. It all looks better in GT6. maybe it's bad video resolution. Still, makes me think the… » 12/09/13 8:18pm 12/09/13 8:18pm

This isn't new. My Suzuki GSXR 1000, with which I was supposed to "own the racetrack" as their slogan said, snapped in half. I say it was a faulty weld. They say it came from falling over. Well Suzuki, while you are owning the racetrack, a rider will tend to fall off from time to time. The fact that the bike was… » 10/22/12 5:15pm 10/22/12 5:15pm